What type of materials am I using?

Long Straw – Cut in the field with a binder then thrashed in a drum, when applied to the roof ( yealms) normally in strips up the roof using hazel spar fixings, to a thickness of 16inches with a Flush style Ridge.

Wheat Reed – Cut in the field with a binder then held and stripped of its grain, when applied to the roof in bundles normally in strips up the roof, Re-Thatching over existing coat work using hazel spars to fix in place, On a new construction you would use crooks or screw tie fixings with steel rod used as the bind. The style of the Ridge can be Flush or Block ( Cut Cap ).To change the Ridge type you must ask and get permission in writing agreeing to the change from Local Authorities.

Water Reed – Norfolk Reed is the most popular water red mentioned. There are a lot of imported Water Reed coming into the country and are of very high quality Ukraine , Austrian , French , Polish & Hungarian. Cut on the marshes with a scythe ready to use, You would nearly always completely remove all old water reed from the existing roof then use a fire retardent felt or foil then batten. There are two different methods of thatching with water reed across the roof or thatching up the roof in lines. The average thickness is 12 to 14inches.

Master Thatcher Steve Bowen